At LDF you can learn to Dance, Sing and Act
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LDF is a long-standing performing arts school for mixed ability students with a passion for dance and music.

La Danse Fantastique, was founded in 1990 by Moira Brock, and along with her talented team of teachers, teaches Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Drama and Singing to children and toddlers of all ages and mixed abilities


Data Protection

La Danse Fantastique Data Protection

New Rules

La Danse Fantastique has received notification from the Government that the rules governing Data Protection are changing and must be complied with by the beginning of May 2018.

At La Danse Fantastique we have always complied with the current laws and registration. However as with the Child Protection Policy we have to keep up to date with all the Guidelines.

We are sending out new forms for everyone to sign. This is to keep you informed of our policy and to make sure you all understand what we can and can’t do.

Our Promises

We keep our promises and that includes using your personal details with care.

We Promise to

Always hold your details securely.
2 To only share your information within the LDF network.
3 This would include examination boards and Theatre’s.
4 Only ever get in touch when it is necessary to inform you of events and performances related to LDF.
5 We will adhere to your current communication preferences.
6 Should you leave LDF your details will only be kept for six months.
7 It will then be removed from the system permanently.
8 Photographs of your child will only be kept for promotional purposes.
9 No individual photos will be used without prior consent.
10 Permission to use photos and videos will be requested before you join the school and you will be asked to sign a permission slip.
11 Make sure you’re in control of your information, and that you can ask us to stop using it whenever you like.

If you have any further questions please do not Hesitate to contact
Chris Garland or Moira Brock.