At LDF you can learn to Dance, Sing and Act
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LDF is a long-standing performing arts school for mixed ability students with a passion for dance and music.

La Danse Fantastique, was founded in 1990 by Moira Brock, and along with her talented team of teachers, teaches Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Drama and Singing to children and toddlers of all ages and mixed abilities



Our doors are now open.


Richard Smith, Chairman LDF


Things to look forward to:

I am delighted and excited to say that we have secured the rights for our next big production.

October 2022 will see us back in the Towngate for our production of Shrek.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this, what an amazing opportunity and exciting project for all our students.

We have a very busy and exciting time ahead of us and I hope you will all be as excited as I am, about the opportunities we are working on, to offer our students.

It has always been my aim to offer a high quality product, which can serve every student regardless as to where they start their performance journey.

I could not be more pleased with exam results. But we cannot rely on what was achieved last time, we are now moving up the ladder and as we do, the exams get harder and more is required to pass. I know we always remind you that we are a Theatre School, as such, just as ordinary school, regular attendance is a must. If students miss on a regular basis they will not be ready to move up and develop their skills.

Decisions regarding exams will be made by the teacher, only when they are happy the student is capable and can be sure they have a good chance of passing.